1. Development


Target 1: Replication protein A (RPA) (NIH STTR funded Study to NERx)

- NERx-20-04, Lead Candidate
  • Robust single agent activity.
  • Synergistic activity with clinically validated DNA repair targeted agents.
  • In vivo tolerability and efficacy.

Target 2: Xeroderma Pigmentosum group A protein (XPA) (NIH Funded STTR to NERx, NIH R01 funded study IU)

- NERx-X80 class of compounds
  • Validated hit
  • Highly potent and specific inhibitor of XPA
  • Excellent cellular uptake and metabolism

Target 3: XPF/ERCC1 (NIH SBIR funded study to NERx)

- Screen of 25,000 completed with confirmed multiple hits with potency at nanomolar concentrations.

Target 4: Ku (NHEJ pathway)

- Three lead chemical compounds
- Highly potent and specific inhibitors of Ku
- In-vitro and in-vivo efficacy